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One of the most common misconceptions surrounding cosmetic dentistry treatments is that they are only suitable for older teens and adults. In reality, however, a lot of pediatric dentists also specialize in cosmetic dental procedures for kids. In contrast to the cosmetic dentistry procedures that are commonly performed on adults, the treatment options for kids are pretty straightforward and minimally invasive.

Smiling at children that they deserve and won’t be embarrassed about could likewise give them confidence and minimize the development of related oral health issues. Here at Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry in our Hollymead and Spring Creek office in Charlottesville, VA, we offer various cosmetic dentistry treatments for kids.

Discussing the appropriate treatments with Dr. Aaron Stump, Dr. Taylor Smith, or Dr. Jennifer Dixon will give a better understanding of why you need to address cosmetic dental issues, even in kids, and what options your child will benefit from the most. In this light, below are the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures that are appropriate for children:

  • Dental Bonding: Like teens and adults, kids can likewise benefit from bonding for treating damaged teeth while repairing their natural feel, shape, and color.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Boosting your child’s self-esteem by refreshing their smile with professional teeth whitening could give them the confidence to face each day with a bright smile. Developing mouths, particularly when a child is also undergoing orthodontic treatment, could be a tough process for younger kids and teenagers. But giving them a brighter smile could make a huge difference in their confidence.
  • Dental Flipper: This is usually utilized for kids who have lost a tooth to tooth decay or accidents. Since children are not suitable candidates for implants and bridges or dentures may be too complicated at their age, a dental flipper is usually recommended for replacing lost teeth. This dental appliance will look and function like real teeth, restoring your child’s normal eating and speaking abilities. It will likewise help ensure that the teeth surrounding the space left behind by a lost tooth won’t shift into the gap and ruin your child’s bite.
  • Gum Reshaping: Also known as gum contouring, this is an easy solution to correct a “gummy smile” in kids.

Since kids’ teeth and jaws are still developing, it’s crucial to understand the options for correcting cosmetic dental flaws. Working with your pediatric cosmetic dentistry professional in our Hollymead and Spring Creek office in Charlottesville, VA, office will ensure that the treatments available for your child will be safe and effective.

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